International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications

  • ISSN: 2456-2734


S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. Paper
1. An Intracellular Differential Equation Model For The Dynamics Of Hepatitis B Virus (Hbv) Infection With Immune Control
Titus Ifeanyi Chinebu, Remigius Okeke Aja, Godwin C.E. Mbah
01-11 pdf
2. Geography Subject Head Supervisory Roles In Teaching And Learning Process in Matungu, Kenya
Dr.JaredAnyona, Sr.Dr.Mutisya Sabina, Mr.Chegenye Alex Alindulah
12-16 pdf
3. Improving ECG Signal using Nuttall Window-Based FIR Filter
V. O. Mmeremikwu, C. B. Mbachu, J. P. Iloh
17-22 pdf
4. Lyapunov-Type Inequalities For A Fractional q-Difference Equation Involving p-Laplacian Operator
Yiding Liu, Chengmin Hou
23-30 pdf
5. Influence of Penstock Outlet Diameter AndTurbine Hub To Blade Ratio on The Performance of A Simplified Pico Hydropower System
Alex Okibe Edeoja, Lydia Ene Ajeibi, Aniekpong Donatus Effiong
31-46 pdf