(Volume 02 - Issue 03) (August 2017)

From Seclusion to Network: The Aspects Brought About by Internet in Libraries
Dr. Chipo Mutongi
International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications, pp 01-05, Vol 02 - No. 03, August 2017
The use of technology has caused libraries and librarians from different nations to interact with each other in new and different ways. Librarians can now connect with other librarians, researchers and experts throughout the world. Interlibrary loaning is also facilitated through the use on the internet. Virtual working and virtual libraries can flourish as the physical boundaries have been removed by the internet. This article explores the aspects brought about by the internet to the libraries and librarians.
Internet, libraries, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Information, knowledge, globalisation, Librarian, network.
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